LED Lighting

See the savings you could make...

Mr & Mrs B in Barnsley changed 5940 watts of light bulbs in their house and replaced all of them for bulbs using a total of just 224 watts... Saving
95.8% on their lighting electricity bill!

Do the test yourself... Add up how many light bulbs are being used in every room in your house... more than you realised?? Imagine the power each of those bulbs uses and how much this is costing you every day. You could save 95% of this money, just by changing to LED bulbs.

To put it simply, for every
100 you spend on lighting in your home, you will spend just 5... Saving you a massive 95!

Have you got 40 watt candle bulbs in light fittings in your home?
LED candle bulbs use 1.5 watts of electricity, saving you 's and the light is instant when you switch on.

Bulbs start from just 3 each. 

Have you got GU10 spotlight bulbs that use 50 watts
of electricity?

LED GU10 spotlights use 3 watts and are brighter. The light is instant when you turn LED bulbs on and the savings are massive!

Bulbs start from just 4 each.
How do they work?
The savings are achieved by only generating light and not heat, making 3rd Generation LED light bulbs the most energy efficient bulbs in the world.
Are they easy to use?
You only change the bulbs, not the whole light fitting, making them quick and easy to use.
How long do they last?
LED bulbs are designed to last 50,000 hours... Truly amazing!
What do you stock?
We have bulbs for every fitting in your property, in various sizes and prices.

Call into our showroom today to see the savings YOU could make!
The bulb above is a

G4, 18LED, 12V

These are found in
 caravan and boat fittings.

Just some of the bulbs we stock:
Candle bulb
35 watt output
1.5 watt usage
Candle bulb
35 watt output
1.5 watt usage
40 watt output
3.3 watt usage
GU10 bulb
50 watt output
3 watt usage
15 LED
10 watt output
1.2 watt usage
24 SMD
60 watt output
3.2 watt usage



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