Heat Pumps

We have launched a new range of renewable energy products that could save you ’s. Renewable energy and energy saving products are very big in the news at the moment. Some of the products we offer qualify for grants, some for generation tariff income and all save you money immediately! All products will pay for themselves in a short time and pay you back many times over.


3 years ago, we looked at reducing home gas and electricity costs. With the installation of our new renewable products, we reduced our combined gas and electricity bill by 75%!



Advanced Refrigerant Heat Transfer Technology

The unit uses advanced refrigerant heat transfer/ capture technology as used in your fridge/ freezer. It can be used for heating and is efficient with the outside temperature as low as       –15c. Used for air conditioning, the unit can create the perfect environment in your home all year round. Pollen and dust filtration is also fitted on all units as standard.

The unit saves 75% on the cost of traditional electric heating costs and 50% on the cost of gas heating. It uses 1kw of electricity to extract 4kw of heat from the outside air. 

We installed 6 units, saving 400 on heating bills.


Air to Water Advanced Technology Water Tank

We installed an air to water advanced refrigeration technology type water tank to heat all the domestic hot water.

The unit uses 640 watts of electricity to extract 2.5kw of heat from the outside air. The tank shown here has a capacity of 200, 250 or 300 litres and replaces your existing water storage tank. (Bigger tanks are available, please ask visit our showroom or call for more details).

With twin heating coils, it can be used with a gas boiler or, alternatively, solar thermal panels can provide heat to the coils. This provides free hot water for 6-8 months of the year and has saved 300 per year.

When we install solar thermal panels, this should save another 300 per year. 

For futher details on any of our new products, please call 01226 321 215, or visit our showroom in Barnsley to view the working products.


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